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Product Info & Care

Furniture Food:
Looking after your furniture enables it to look beautiful for longer. We suggest that you don't actually need to oil your furniture but if you would like to enhance the look of your piece it is best to do so with a quality furniture oil without any silicon or chemical solvents. Otherwise a clean with a damp cloth is fine to remove dust.

Be Careful...
The worst things for handmade natural furniture are to do with moisture and heat. Make sure your room is properly ventilated and not too humid. Also make sure there isn't an exposure to harsh sunlight on your items. With coffee tables and dining tables make sure that hot or wet items such as cups and serving bowls are well covered to avoid any damage to the furniture. With leather don’t allow dust, grime and skin oils to build up as this will cause deterioration. Regular cleaning and light treatment with a leather kit will maintain and enhance the durability of your leather. A bit of good old common sense is all it takes to preserve the look and style of your furniture.
About our Furniture:
All our timbers and materials are sourced from government owned and approved plantations. Most items are handmade so please note any imperfections are part of the uniqueness and character of each piece. Remember that Timber is grown and not man-made, so over time it is possible to be some movement depending on the piece, even on antique items. This is a normal occurrence with these natural materials, and not a fault with the product.

Our Materials

Acacia Wood
This is a wood popular in our furniture, it is one that grows even in environments that are extremely dry.

Sheesham Wood
Sheesham wood seen in our Indian range is very quick growing and easily renewable. This wood has amazing grain patterns and has a huge amount of strength.

Mango Wood
Mango wood is also seen in our furniture ranges. These are trees that produce fruit for only a select number of years and once this cycle is complete, they are replaced with new trees. The best use of them from there is furniture due to the strength and wonderful colours that appear in the wood.

Reclaimed Timbers
Reclaimed and recycled timbers are those that have become obsolete for their purpose such as old factory beams and railway sleepers. This wood is then recycled into amazing pieces with character. These rustic furniture pieces are reusing material in the best way for the planet!

This is a very versatile and durable fibre. Many villages only specialise in making rattan furniture and baskets, which is sourced through local forests under strict guidelines. The local people understand the need for renewability here and therefore are precious with their resource.

Paper Products
The recycled paper used in our loom furniture is very lightweight and strong. This is made from scrap paper that is bound tightly into a fibre then coloured. A great way to look after the environment by using materials that would otherwise go to waste.